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No one is spreading rumors. The current financial crises are kind of blessing in disguise which made consumer more vigilant in their spendings. Now, Those who never cared for $$ are even counting pennies. In present situation as consumers we are more careful as where to spend, what to buy, and what is the output. We think not only twice but may be in some instance ten time to even spend money even on “Starbucks and Costa” which was not a big deal before.

Having said that, I want all those who are saying that non-registration of the units and other irregularities by SP are rumors, do their homework, and as Redsearick well said “Go to the source” instead of hearing from here and there. You will have better results.

Yes, I do believe some building will be completed in thousand years and hopefully the financial situation will be improved but we are talking about now and all the delays which are affecting our lives on daily bases. One of the investors I know is losing custody of her daughter just because she gave her whole saving to SP. My life has been crippled just because I handed over all my saving to them with no foreseeable return, I had to now extend my rental contract for other two and half years which money could very well used towards my installments.

Now they are threatening me of cancellation of my unit. So, what option do we have? I did not give my saving for domes of Sand.

I think all of us are willing to work with SP management as long as they show us some results pertain to individual’s unit. If my building is not on the ground and who knows if it ever be there (Zone 6 ), then they should not even ask the payment until they show us the structure and I think that’s what the law says “No more than 30% payment until there is 20% construction). I have already paid them 50% which is way more than the threshold.

I wish everyone best of luck

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    • panj2017
    • Posted 18/02/2017 at 17:13
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    I purchased a one bedroom in dubai lagoon in September, 2007. Paid almost $63k to Schon properties. Nothing has been delivered so far. I have tried a lot to get my escrow money back but no luck so far. Delivery date has moved to 2009, 2011, 2016 etc but no delivery yet. As of today no delivery or delivery date given to me. Schon properties refusing to give back my down payment of $63K. So do your due diligence before purchasing.SCHON PROPERTIES FRAUD!!10 long years still waiting for delivery!!

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